Zoo Med 2 Pack of ReptiCare Terrarium Controllers for Automatic Day-Night Cycles

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Zoo Med's Repticare Terrarium Controller is a programmer timer and power strip in one. It features a 24-hour programmer terrarium lighting timer, easy-to-program analog design, grounded 3-prong receptacle for safety, and 8 grounded outlets: 4 timer controlled, 4 continuous power. Automatically provide a natural day/night cycle to keep your reptiles healthy and encourage their natural behaviors.

  • 2 pack of ReptiCare Terrarium Controllers
  • Programmable timers and power strips in one
  • Create an automatic, natural day/night cycle for captive reptiles
  • Features an easy-to-program analog design that makes caring for your reptiles even easier
  • Each ReptiCare Terrarium Controller includes 8 grounded outlets: 4 timer controlled outlets and 4 continuous power outlets

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