Yield Lab Heavy Duty 10 x 20 inch Propagation Tray - 100 Pack

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Designed to provide you with the durability you need, the Yield Lab 10 x 20 inch Heavy Duty Propagation Tray is a reimagining of a growing classic. Commonly known as a seed flat tray, this item is perfect for seed and cutting propagation. What sets this tray apart from others in its class is its rigid construction. Nearly three times as thick as a standard propagation tray, this item can hold up to 35 lbs of weight with no signs of fatigue or cracking. Its heavy-duty design also allows it to be reused, perfect for nearly all your horticulture needs.

  • JUMPSTART YOUR GROW: Starting your grow in a germination tray will provide your plants with a strong rooting system in an easily manageable environment.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Unlike other trays on the market, trays are 2mm. thick. This rigid design can support up to 35lbs of weight, perfect for any grow.
  • SEED FLAT TRAY: Perfect for seed and cutting propagation, these trays are ideal for those looking to get the full benefits of transplantation.
  • REUSABLE DESIGN: Built to last, these reusable trays are constructed out of a food grade polyurethane. This allows them to be used for multiple grows saving you time and money.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Featuring a 10 x 20 Inch design, these trays can be coupled with 8 inch domes for the ultimate growing experience.

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