Wahl Professional Animal Figura Lithium Ion (Burgundy) Clipper Kit with a BONUS 4 oz.Clipper Oil

Sale price$279.99


Wahl’s professional Figura Lithium Ion rechargeable clipper has unsurpassed cutting performance with the ‘5 in 1’ adjustable blade. This clipper allows you to quickly and effectively clip through most coat types the first time. The Lithium Ion battery outperforms NiMH batteries and gives the Figura 90 minutes of cordless runtime! The ‘5 in 1’ blade set easily adjusts to blade sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, & #40 with the simple flip or a lever. ..saving you the cost of 5 separate blade sets! You not only get exceptional performance, there is also no overcharging or overheating and it consumes only the energy it needs to charge!

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