TITANIUM Welding Bundle - Easy-Flux 125 Amp Welder and Blue Flame Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Material type: Steel
Color: Green / Black and Black / Blue
Package quantity: 2
Sale price$529.99


The Titanium Easy-Flux 125 Amp Welder is an easy-to-use, lightweight welder that is ideal for basic welding jobs at home or in the shop. This all-in-one welder package features advanced DC Based inverter technology that produces a more stable arc and cleaner welds all while reducing weight down to only 15 lbs. ! That's over 50% lighter than conventional transformer based machines. The Easy Flux 125 also includes all the modern safety features such as thermal overload protection and cold start wire feeding so you can concentrate on the job, not the machine. Includes welder and gun package, contact tips and nozzles. DC output for the most stable arc and cleaner welds Variable Control for fine-tuned welding Advanced safety features: Thermal overload protection and cold start wire feeding Rugged, top load drive system takes standard 4 in. spools Wire feeder and gun package - ready to weld Also includes the This solar powered welding helmet is equipped with a high quality auto-darkening lens with 1/25,000 second switching speed (clear to dark) as soon as you begin welding. Lightweight comfortable design with an adjustable ratcheting headband for better fit and comfort. The solar powered welding helmet gives you full view of your welding area with a variable shade control from #9 to #13 and a resting shade of #4. 1/25,000 second switching speed (clear to dark state) Auto darkening lens Solar powered cells with battery assist provide up to 6 years of expected life under normal welding conditions (no battery change needed) Optimal viewing area - 6.78 sq. in. Automatic power on/off with adjustable delay time 2 independent arc sensors reduce the risk of blocked sensors during out-of-position welding Lightweight and comfortable at 1.30 lb. Ratcheting headband with comfort cushioned interior - includes replaceable padded sweatband Grind mode transforms helmet into a grind shield without shade flickering

  • 125 Amp Welder Bundle with Helmet

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