Stone Manufacturing & Supply Company, Inc. ShooFly Leggins, Pony, Pink, 4 pk

Size: pony
Color: pink
Sale price$89.99


Stone Manufacturing Company Shoofly Leggins for Horses are aninnovatively designed product to protect the most valuable part of your horse — their legs. The simple and easy design helps reduce stress on the joints, tendons and muscles by preventing painful fly bites on the lower legs, which also helps eliminate stomping. Prevents botflies from laying eggs and causing botfly larvae infestation. The flexible plastic mesh is loose fitting—allowing air circulation to abrasions or wounds, speeding up the healing process. Easy to apply and will not restrict blood flow or range of motion. Comfortable, black nylon bottom and Velcro attachment for an easy fit. Measure around the coronet band (hairline of the horse’s hoof). The size of Shoofly Leggins is in reference to the bottom circumference of the Leggin. Species: Horses, ponies and donkeys

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