Splice-It Fence Repair Kit - 12.5 to 14 Gauge Barbed Wire Splice, 9 Gauge Smooth Wire Splice, 9 Gauge Top & Bottom Woven Wire Splice, LBW ~

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Kit Includes - 20 Splice-It splices & 1 Splice-It Crimp 'n Cut Tool These splices will splice 12.5 gauge to 14 gauge Barbed Wire, 9 gauge Top & Bottom Woven Wire or 9 gauge Smooth Wire Splice-It Crimp 'n Cut ~ Heavy duty, 22'' dual purpose wire cutter & splice crimper with adjustable Chrome-Molybdenum Jaws. Tool is a high quality fence repair tool that quickly and permanently splices barbed, woven and high tensile smooth wire. Much faster, easier and stronger than twisting the wire. 1. Attach a wire stretcher to the broken or stretched out wire to remove slack. Cut out slack, or add new wire to provide about 1-1/2'' overlap. 2. Slip Splice-It splice over loose ends 3. Crimp 3 - 4 times. Remove stretcher and you are done..... One splice quickly joins old and/or new wire. Splice wire too rusty to twist. Use only with Spice-It splices which allow you to repair all types of wire Joins, mends and repairs all fence wire easily. One splice per join. For a secure and permanent rust resistant connection- One splice quickly joins old/new wire - Splice wire too rusty to twist - Add years more life to your valuable fence - High quality splice won't crack or pull out - Splice-It splices are Made In the USA!

  • Includes: 1 - Splice-It Crimp 'n Cut Tool & 20 Splice-It LBW Splices

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