Sav-A-Kid 26% With Deccox-Lawn & Patio-Milk Products

Sav-A-Kid 26% With Deccox

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Nutritionally Complete Medicated Milk Replacer For Goat Kids. Specially Formulated For Warm Bottle-Feeding Or Cold Ad Lib Feeding. 100% Instantized For Easy Mixing. Works Very Well With Automated Feeding Devices. Premium Quality Milk Replacer Formulated F

  • Nutritionally complete medicated milk replacer for goat kids.
  • Specially formulated for warm bottle-feeding or cold ad lib feeding.
  • 100% instantized for easy mixing. Works very well with automated feeding devices.
  • Premium quality milk replacer formulated for lean growth in kids.
  • Mix 4 ounces of powder into 1.5 pints warm water and feed as directed based on body weight.