Rhinehart Electric Cauterizing Iron Dehorner X30 3/8" Tip Debud Sheep Goats Calves Horns

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Here is the Original X30 Dehorner with a 3/8" tip. But now you can also purchase the X-30 Dehorner with a choice of tip sizes (see our other Ebay listings) The regular 1/2" ID tip is for standard dairy and meat goat breeds. The 1/4" ID tip is perfect for mini breeds. The 3/8" tip is perfect for Pygmy Goats Each dehorner comes with a 200 watt element and an 8' cord with 3-prong plug and maintains a steady 900-950º F heat with quick recovery in seconds between applications. X30 tips are permanently installed and are not removable or interchangeable. The Rhinehart Electric Dehorner will do a good dehorning job on any calf that does not have a horn larger at the base that the inside of the Dehorning ring (7/8 in to 5/8 in tapered inside diameter.) Dehorning should be done as soon as the horn button can be located. The younger te calf, the less effort and time required for a good dehorning job. A) The Dehorner should be applied for at least 10 seconds to make sure ALL horn cells in hair line around the horn base are killed. B) A dry scab will form over the seared area. The scab and horn button will later drop off. This will take several weeks. Let it heal off - don't pull it off. C) Electric dehorning is preferred over other methods. It is safe, fast and efficient. Dehorn calves as soon as horn button can be located - the younger the calf the better.

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