PW100S 12V Solar Fence Enegizer

Material type: Plastic
Sale price$349.99


The Power Wizard solar powered models offer consistent electrical power for remote fenced areas without the same continual maintenance of a battery-operated fence charger. Solar-powered fence chargers are an effective solution for remote fenced areas. Place the solar powered fence charger on a section of the fence that receives 4-6 hours of sunlight each day and won’t be damaged by curious livestock. Solar-powered fence chargers store energy from the sun to provide an electrical current throughout the fenced area, even over a series of cloudy days, without needing an alternate source of power. Although somewhat more expensive than a battery-operated fence charger, the solar-powered fence chargers are more ecologically-friendly and will provide effective electrical current for fenced areas up to 100 acres.

  • Powers up to 25 Acres
  • Powers up to 10 Miles
  • Ultra Low Impedance
  • 0.15 Joule Output

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