Prevue Pet Products Cockatiel-Small Parrot Cage

Size: 22 x 15 x 23 inches
Color: Black
Sale price$199.99



Prevue Pet Products Lincoln bird cage Black 110B comes completely assembled with all-welded, unibody cage construction and a baked enamel finish. Clear plastic seed guards slip into integrated corner brackets to help contain mess. Perfect your small to medium sized bird, The Lincoln features a landing style front access door and includes 3 cups, 2 perches and a swing. Grille and tray are removable for ease of cleaning. Proudly made in the USA, our Lincoln 110B cage measures 22" Long, 15" Wide and 23" High with 5/8" wire spacing. Wash cage regularly with a mild soap, warm water and Prevues non-abrasive #109 Cage Scrubber. Dry thoroughly. Do not dry tray in the sun, as it can warp.

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • No assembly required
  • Durable, baked enamel finish
  • Three cups, two perches and one swing included
  • 22" long, 15" wide and 23" with 5/8" wire spacing

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