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Power Wizard PW6000 ULTRA Low Impedance 100 Mile Electric Fence Energizer

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Agratronix is the leading manufacturer-supplier of Power Wizard Shock Technology plug-in, solar and battery-powered electric fence chargers and has the longest lasting low impedance technology in the industry. These fence energizers are used to keep dairy cows, cattle and livestock in, and predators out. The Power Wizard brand of energizers is known for providing the highest quality at the most competitive price. Power Wizard designs are setting new industry standards for high performance under the toughest of conditions. Backed by a three-year warranty, the complete line of Power Wizard fence chargers are guaranteed to work regardless of weather or ground conditions making it the selection of choice for hobby farmers and cattle ranchers alike.

  • ULTRA Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger
  • 110V Plug-in / 6.0 Joule Output
  • Up to 100 Miles / Up to 600 Acres
  • Controls Mid-sized to Large Animals, Exotics and Wildlife
  • Three Year Warranty with Lightning Protection