Oxygenics PawSpa Superwash Complete Pet Washing Kit

Size: One Size Fits All
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Size:One Size Fits All

Let's admit it, bath time for your pet isn't exactly a walk in the park for either of you. Instead of putting off this daunting task, the SuperWash will make it an enjoyable experience. Packed with features that make your pet feel at ease - the SuperWash will alleviate bath time, so you can enjoy every moment you have with your fur babies. The SmartPause feature brings water to a trickle as you lather your pet, while the extruded rubber massaging nozzles produce a relaxing sensation for your furry one. Best of all, the SuperWash puts convenience first with features that make bath time easier for both of you. The 84" hose helps you get into those hard-to-reach places, and the easy spray setting selector makes for quick adjustments with 5 settings to choose from. Whether you prefer to bathe your pet inside or outside - the SuperWash has the appropriate adapter to turn your pet into a breath of fresh air. Because let's face it, dirty pets have more fun.

  • 5 powerful spray setting with Oxygenics technology rinse and clean fast
  • Convenient SmartPause quickly brings the water to a trickle
  • Long rubber nozzles enable gentle massaging while rinsing
  • Extra-long 84" hose easily reaches every part of your pet
  • Included outdoor spigot and 2-way shower adapter make it easy to clean your pet in the shower or outside

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