Overland Dog Gear Gear Weekender Backpack

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Whether your adventures are near or far, Overland Dog Gear’s pet luggage Backpack make it simple to travel with your dog! Overland Dog Gear provides a patent pending organized luggage system with accessories that now makes it simple to travel with your dog for any length of time. We have several pet travel luggage options for any size dog or situation that holds items such as toys, water, food, treats, leash, harness, waste bags, and other pet essentials. These travel bags for dogs allow you to expertly pack and organize your pet’s belongings, easily find and access them, with everything in one easy-to-reach place. No more wasting time digging and searching in your personal luggage or random bags for your pet’s items! With Overland Dog Gear’s traveling dog bag, you can sit back and relax while enjoying the company of your furry companion!

The next time you think about traveling with your pet, think Overland Dog Gear! Our patent pending high quality pet luggage has accessories a true dog lover will sincerely appreciate; such as dog food containers, collapsible dog bowls, and dog bowl mat. We offer different sizes, designs, and colors so there is a suitable bag for every dog. Check out the other bags in our Overland Dog Gear line, which are expertly customized for each of your outings: Day or Night Walking Bags, Day Away Bag, Weekender Bag, Week Away Bag, and Dine Away Bag.

Our Story:

Everyone loves their dog, but at Overland Dog Gear we love EVERYONE’S dog, which is why we’ve crafted a collection of bags, duffels, backpacks and accessories designed specifically for toting your pup’s food, toys, treats and other items. No longer will you and your best friend be kept on a short leash!

  • DOG BAGS - This pet luggage allows you to expertly pack, organize, and access your pet’s belongings!
  • WEEKEND AWAY BAG - The perfect size for packing your pet’s belongings for the weekend or longer.
  • FEATURES - Large storage, pockets, waste bag dispenser, 2 food carriers, placemat, 2 silicone bowls
  • QUALITY - The high end heavy duty quilted polyester material is both lightweight and easy to clean.
  • MOBILE DOG - Overland is now Mobile Dog Gear. Find more colors under Mobile Dog Gear.

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