20-Dose COMPUDOSE Controlled-Release Implant Package

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20-Dose COMPUDOSE Controlled-Release Implant Package - Provide a daily dose of Estradiol for suckling steers, pastured steers, and heifers with this complete package. Use for increased rate of weight gain in suckling and pastured growing steers and for improved feed efficiency and increased rate of weight gain in confined steers and heifers. Package comes with controlled-release implants, the Compudose/ENCORE implant gun, and three needles. Each implant provides an effective daily dose of 25.7 mg Estradiol for 168 days.Dosage and administration: Insert one implant under the skin of the ear for suckling steers at castration or later, pastured growing steers at weaning or later, and finishing steers and heifers at arrival in feedlot. For subcutaneous ear implantation in steers and heifers only; not for use in veal calves.

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