Milk Bar 10-Nipple Feeder with EZ-Lock Brackets

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Milk Bar 10-Nipple Feeder with EZ-Lock Brackets - Milk Bar calf self-feeders feature the patented Milk Bar nipple which promotes slow nursing for best calf health. Slow nursing maximizes salivation, which introduces enzymes and natural antibiotics for good digestion and healthy immunities. Slow nursing cuts down on guzzling and choking which ensures milk enters the abomasum, not the rumen where scours can result. Plus, Milk Bar nursing allows calves to be raised in groups. Socialized calves are more content than calves raised in isolation, but they will suck on each others tails and ears unless their salivating urge is satisfied with the Milk Bar nipple. Group feeding saves labor and allows good visual monitoring to compare calves. This Milk Bar feeder uses a gravity flow system and has no tubes or valves. Cleanup is simple and the unit is easy to clean and sterilize. Shaped with no rims - no areas for bacteria to form.Patented EZ-Lock mounting brackets are now adjustable to be attached to anything from rails to pipes up to a width of 3. EZ-Lock adjusts quickly and locks in place so calves cannot bump or dislodge it. Nursers stay level and won't tip forward. Brackets are made of resin nylon with extra ribbing for strength and toughness. For added convenience, the EZ-Lock brackets will lock the feeder in place upside-down for draining. Has 15-gallon capacity. Brackets are guaranteed for two years.

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