Lixit Cage Crock, Stainless Steel

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About Us

Lixit Corporation is the largest small animal watering device manufacturer in the world. Lixit also manufactures small animal feeding devices and animal care accessories. Lixit manufactured pet products are marketed under 30 different labels.

Lixit Corporation offers services in metal fabrication, injection molding, blow molding, silk screening, metal finishing, rubber molding, tool and die design, and engineering and product design.

Small Pet Products

Plastic Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Our Lixit plastic wide mouth water bottle holds 32 oz of water with medium ball-point tube cap assembly for small animals.

Hay Rack

Our plastic hayrack, clips to outside of cage to dispense hay to rabbits and guinea pigs, helps keeps hay fresh and clean.

Critter Space Pod

Our small animal house can be hung from the top of a wire cage or turned over and placed in the bottom. Comes apart for easy cleaning.

Reversible Base Feeder & Fountain

This “Gravity Feed” Rabbit feeder or fountain can be used as a dry food feeder or a watering bowl. It all depends on which side of the base you choose. Each side of the base is engraved to show which side is for water and which side is for food.

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Cat and Dog Products

Premium Bag Clip

Our Heavy Duty clip has a strong gripping power making it perfect for holding closed large bags of dog food. It has no slip finger grips and will keep food bags and treat bags fresh longer.

Stainless Steel Crock Bowl

This bowl features Lixit's patented "Quick-Lock" bowl attachment clamp and bracket. The mount bracket will hold to any wire cage easily. The high quality steel makes this bowl rust and corrosion resistant. It will not stain or absorb odors.

Thirsty Dog Sport Bottle

Our 20 oz pet sport bottle comes with flip-down bowl and shoulder strap making it easy to carry and convenient to store.

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Farm Products

Farm Babies Nursing Bottle

Our nursing bottle is for calves, wildlife and other farm babies. The bottle is designed with finger gripes making it easy to hold when calves are nursing. The natural feeling nipple is specially designed to work with this bottle and securely attaches to the bottle with a neck ring.

Plastic Egg Carton

This plastic egg carton can hold 12 large to extra large eggs. Our plastic egg carton is also dishwasher safe and reusable.

Baby Chick Feeder or Fountain

Our chick feeder/fountain has a reversible base designed especially for baby birds. The trough has been designed to be shallow and narrow to help keep birds up out of the water so they stay dry and healthy.

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Bird Products

Bird Bath

Our clear high-density polystyrene bird bath has a quick-lock bracket. This feature makes it easy to attach to bird cages. The quick lock bracket also makes it easy to install and and clean.

Lava Chew Rock

This lava chew for birds helps to encourage natural chewing behavior. Our lava chew also helps removes food from your birds mouth to keep it clean.

Critter Space Pod, Small

Our small animal house can be hung from the top of a wire cage or turned over and placed in the bottom. It comes apart for easily so it makes cleaning seamless. The small space is also great for small nesting birds.

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  • EASY TO USE: Food bowl easily attaches to cage to feed large dogs
  • FITS MOST CAGES: Easy twist on, twist off design fits securely on most horizontal or vertical cage bars with included hardware
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Stainless steel with plastic base bracket that is chew, rust, and corrosion-resistant
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Wide-mouth design with a narrower base helps to reduce spilling
  • NO NASTY SMELLS: The stainless steel crock will not absorb food odors

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