Little Giant Classic Heavy-Duty Galvanized Metal 2-in-1 Goat and Sheep Feeder

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Double L Group Classic 2-in-1 Feeder The Classic 2-in-1 Feeder is equipped with a unique hook-over feature that allows mounting without tools. Important: Goats and sheep are close grazers and it is important to keep grain, hay and forage waste off the ground. Using this feeder will give a decreased opportunity for ingestion of parasites. Features: compact designs saves on space. hay is dispensed through the top and helps reduce forage. heavy-duty galvanized metal to prevent rust and corrosion. Rack holds 2 flakes of hay feeds forage and grain in the same feeder helps reduce waste as well as ingestion of parasites Dimensions: Length: 21.5 inches Width: 13.06 inches Height: 23.25 inches

  • MOUNTABLE DESIGN - The feeders space-saving hookover design mounts on rail, chain-link, or hurricane fencing without tools.
  • REDUCES FEED WASTE - This hay rack helps reduce waste as well as ingestion of parasites.
  • EXTRA HAY CAPACITY - This feeder is able to hold two flakes of hay.
  • FORAGE AND GRAIN SUPPLY - This freestanding feeder unit feeds forage and grain in the same feeder.
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - Heavy-duty galvanized metal, accommodates up to 10 mature sheep or goats.

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