Accumulair MERV 8 Trane Furnace Air Filter, Width 20.7 in, Height 26.2 in, Filters (qty.) 2, Model# DPFT21X27X5AM8_2

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Size: 20.7000 x 5.0000 x 26.2000 in
Sale price$162.61 Regular price$187.00


Trane Perfect Fit air filter #BAYFRAME21A, BAYFTFR21M, TFM210B0FR0, TFM210A0FR00, TFM210A0FR10,TFM210B0FR01, TFM210B0FR0A, and TFM21DA0FR00

Nominal size 21'' x 27'' x 5''

Actual Size 20.7'' x 26.2'' x 5''

98% efficient filtration media

Up to twenty times more effective than ordinary fiberglass filters. High efficiency filter media collects small dust particles before they can collect on your coils. No assembly combs needed.filter just slides right in!. This is an aftermarket filter.

(2) Air Filters

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