Air Filter Blaster — For Cleaning Canister Air Filters, Model# USG-1302

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Increase engine performance
  • Reduce costly engine maintenance
  • Increase engine life
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce expensive air filter replacement costs

    The revolutionary Air Filter Blaster uses compressed air to clean canister air filters in seconds. This tool dramatically reduces air filter replacement and fuel usage on motorized equipment. A clean air filter increases engine performance, reduces costly engine maintenance, increases engine life and reduces fuel consumption. The Air Filter Blaster requires no costly add-ons — just a simple source of compressed air. Ports within the Air Filter Blaster's centrifugal forced air induction chamber create a shaft rotation that uniformly vibrates and discards dirt and particles from the inside of the air filter outwards in seconds! By reducing fuel usage, filter replacements and landfill charges, Air Filter Blaster generates considerable cost savings while helping your company achieve green fleet goals.
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