Kane Standard Feeder - 4" H

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Standard Feeder - 4" H - Designed to feed baby pigs dry food while in the farrowing crate. The Low Profile Model is utilized by producers who early wean and provides easier access for younger pigs. Can be fastened to all types of nursery flooring in the farrowing creep area. The round design allows the baby pigs access from all sides. Placement in the creep area should be done in an area that the sow's feet won't reach the feeder. The spring-loaded hook makes the snap feeders easy to install and remove. An arrow on the top indicates the hook direction. Features include a Feed Saver Lip that reduces feed waste positive J-hook locking device push-turn to attach and release for easy and quick installation and a built-in grill keeps pigs from getting into the trough. Durable high-density high-impact styrene and stainless hook-and-spring assembly. Easy to clean.

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