Kane Milk Replacement Drinker – 3 Hole

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To strengthen weak piglets and supplement large litters, our translucent high-density polyethylene milk replacement feeder is just what you need to protect your investment. Kane’s unique one-piece construction creates a vacuum feeding system that maintains a half-inch of milk in the trough. Monitor consumption through the translucent polyethylene using the graduated milk level indicator molded into the feeder body.

Mount easily to end panels or dividers using our two piece mounting bracket with quick release for easy cleaning and filling. There are two models to choose from the KMF-3 with a 2 1/2 gallon/9 liter capacity and the KMF-8 with a 7 gallon/25 liter capacity. The smaller KMF-3 is designed for the creep area while the larger KMF-8 is perfect for care centers.

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