Kane Heat Mat w/ Thermostat - 18" x 18"

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Made with durable polyethylene, the 18" x 18" Kane Poly Pet Heat Mat With Thermostat is perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, and reptile habitats. The mat runs 37° above ambient temperature and comes with a TD-30 adjustable thermostatic control that can be set to the ideal temperature for your pet.

The controller maintains a safe and consistent temperature pre-selected up to 150° F. It's easy to program to select and maintain the ideal temperature for your pets and small animals. This controller incorporates several unique self-activated safety mechanisms.

One unique safety mechanism is the limit setting that self-activates and is relative to the set point. It has a fixed 2° F switch differential for energy savings. Standard features include capacitive touch buttons, Modbus® communication and temperature alarms with an internal buzzer.

The mat may be pressure washed, brushed and disinfected.

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