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Product Description

The iFetch automatic ball launcher lets dogs play fetch to their heart’s content! Once your dog places the miniature tennis ball into the top of the iFetch tennis ball machine, this interactive dog toy throws it 10, 20 or 30 feet. Adjust the launch distance with a touch of a button, and let the fun begin. Works with power cord or 6 C-cell batteries. Happy fetching!

From the Manufacturer

Love at first launch.

Change the launch distance to 10, 20 and 30 feet with the touch of a button. It’s that easy! Ball-obsessed dogs can't get enough of this fun device. (Note: some of our customers actually have to hide the iFetch when dogs need a break!) The top of the iFetch (where your dog drops the ball) is tilted to encourage your dog to stand behind the fetch machine when the ball launches, for safety purposes. So, supervise and train your dog to wait behind (or beside) it while the machine revs up and the ball launches. We love the joy it brings to dogs and their humans. Just plug it in and launch the fun!

Best-in-show award winner!

iFetch has won praise from major news outlets across the US: New York Times, Fox News, Tech Crunch, Buzz Feed, the Today Show, and many others. iFetch won the coveted “Best in Show” award at SuperZoo, the pet industry’s largest trade show, and “First Place” at the Global Pet Expo’s New Product Showcase. The best praise for us, though, is seeing dogs enjoy it. If your dog loves fetch, they will love the iFetch.

Step 1: DROP

Train your dog to “drop!” the iFetch mini tennis ball into the iFetch. We recommend using another ball (showing another pretty blue ball will make them drop the one they have) or using treats (yum) for motivation.

Step 2: FETCH

Encourage your dog to “fetch!” once the ball flies out of the front of the iFetch. You may need to launch a few balls from the iFetch at first, showing your dog that his new toy actually throws the ball – it doesn’t eat it.

Step 3: REPEAT

Now, coax your dog to “bring!” the ball back to the iFetch for more fetching fun. Again, try using another iFetch ball or treat to get them back behind the iFetch again and ready to drop. And don’t forget - lots of praise and hugs!

A family company on a mission to create better dog toys.

We started the company with a grandfather / grandson tinkering project in the garage, followed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now almost four years of experience under our belts. There are a lot of dog toys on the market, but we strive for new and different. All of our products require some level of training to be able to play with the toys independently, which we think creates a wonderful bonding opportunity for owners and their pets. Even if your dog never "gets" the idea of dropping the ball into the top of the toy, you can still play and interact with them through the toy. These shared experiences are special. We like to think our toys are special too.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Healthy, fetching fun.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Our dog, Prancer, is a relentless fetcher. When Grant couldn’t do his homework because of Prancer’s insatiable love of fetch, we knew we had to do something. And the iFetch automatic ball launcher was born.

What makes your product special?

We think our iFetch automatic ball launcher is an engineering work of art. The initial prototypes used bits of HotWheels tracks, so, wow, have we come a long way since then! We designed the launcher to only launch one ball at a time on purpose. The mental energy it takes for a dog to understand where and how to drop the ball, so that it is automatically thrown for him, is pretty amazing. And mental stimulation is so important for a dog's well-being. "Use it or lose it" applies to dogs as well as humans.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The best part of our startup experience is seeing the videos owners post of their pets using the iFetch. Watching dogs get so excited waiting for the ball to launch makes all of the hard work worthwhile. It is truly a family affair at iFetch. Denny, though supposedly “retired”, is the CEO and patriarch of the company. His daughter, Debbie left her medical practice, to help run the company. And Grant, the idea originator, has returned as our Sales VP to “launch” his career with us (pun intended). It's been a wonderful journey.

  • FETCH-A-HOLICS REJOICE! Automatic tennis ball launcher lets small dogs play fetch to their hearts' content.
  • MINI TENNIS BALLS: Finally, a toy made for small dogs! Comes with 3 mini tennis balls (1.6-inch diameter). Use other similar sized balls too! Just try not to get them too dirty or wet - this will affect performance. Please Note: This is the small iFetch automatic ball thrower. The iFetch Too is the larger automatic ball launcher.
  • PHYSICAL & MENTAL: Running and fetching? Perfect. Learning to initiate fetch on their own? Priceless. Owner supervision is recommended. Tennis balls that are 1.6Inches in diameter
  • LAUNCH-O-MATIC: Adjust the launch distance to 10, 20 or 30 feet with the touch of a button. The perfect indoor or outdoor dog toy, invented for, and tested by, our resident fetcher, Prancer.
  • CUSTOMER CARE: Created, owned, and still operated by the Hamill family in Austin, Texas. Call or email us directly with any questions or issues. We specialize in happy human and canine customers.
  • WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: Our iFetch products are backed by a one-year warranty. Call or email us directly. We know your dog’s tail will wag. We want yours to wag too.
  • Hidden ball storage compartment on the bottom to store balls

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