Hoof Boss Gold Fine Grit Flat 2" Disc

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The Gold Fine Grit Disc is a 2″ diameter flat steel disc coated with a heat infused tungsten carbide CG grit. The Gold Disc has a fine grit that allows you to gently buff away hoof material. The Gold Disc is a must have if you own miniature animals or for the first trimmings of baby animals. The disc is also used to put the finishing touches to any show animals, goats, sheep and pigs. All of our abrasive discs are designed to eliminate heat buildup on the hoof. If material build-up occurs on the disc, waste is easily removed using a small propane burner, brass metal brush and cleaning solvent.

  • Best for miniature animals
  • Great if used with goats, sheep, and pigs
  • Time spent trimming will significantly decrease

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