Classic Rope Company 6 inch One by One Cheek Correction Bit 6IN

Size: 6IN
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Classic Equine BitsTool Box Bit Series1 x 1 Cheek Correction6in Cheek2-1/2in Purchase3-1/2in Shank5-1/8 Wide3/8in DiameterContact with mouth comes in slowlyMain point of contact is corners of mouthUse with training fork or martingale to encourage collection and poll controlCopper inlaid mouthpiece to stimulate salivationTBBIT36SS61 The 6 cheek has a 2-1/2 purchase and a 3-1/2 shank. This ratio (the difference in the length of the purchase and shank) and the swept-back design of the shank make this a mild cheek. Contact with the horses mouth comes slowly in the form of soft pressure to all points of contact. The main point of contact is the corners of the mouth, which is a familiar spot from the O Ring. This bit may also be used with a training fork or martingale to encourage collection and poll control. The mouthpiece is inlaid with copper to stimulate salivation. The mouthpiece is 5-1/8 wide, 3/8 in diameter, and curved to shape to the corner of the mouth for soft, evenly distributed pressure to the bars, tongue, and corners of the mouth.In 1986 in Grandbury, Texas, Classic Rope started as one of the first companies to devise and perfect machine manufacturing of the lariat rope. Countless hours were spent formulating rope components that could withstand all types of roping conditions, both indoor and outdoor. Initially founded for the sole purpose of supporting the event of team roping, Classic was able to offer a consistent structure and sensitive feel in their ropes like no others on the market. Because of its quality and appeal, Classic Rope quickly became the leading rope manufacturer that professionals grew to depend on.

  • Classic Equine Bits
  • Tool Box Bit Series
  • 1 x 1 Cheek Correction
  • 6in Cheek
  • 2 1/2in Purchase

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