Absorbine B-L BUTE-Less 5 lb Pellets Horse Pony Comfort Recovery Support Devil's Claw Yucca

Size: 5 lb
Sale price$89.99


THIS IS FOR ONE 5 lb bucket OF B-L ORAL PELLETS BUT THE MANUFACTURER IS NOW CALLING IT BUTE-LESS!!! EXACT SAME THING! B-L Pellets - Bute-Less--Vitamin B12 for Horses * Natural alternative to Bute * Helps alleviate discomfort related to normal daily exercise * May help ease aches and discomfort caused by training and competition B-L Pellets joint supplement from Equine America. Supplemental source of vitamin B12 for horses now available in pellet form. BL Pellets are nature's alternative to bute. Contains yucca and devils claw root. Apple and molasses flavored. Dosage: 1 oz daily to 1,100 lb horse; less for smaller horse, more for larger. Do not feed to pregnant mares. 5 lbs lasts about 80 days.

  • 5 lb bucket
  • Pellets
  • B-L Oral or Bute-less
  • Natural Alternative to Bute
  • Helps Alleviate Discomfort Related to Normal Daily Exercise

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