225 Watt Advanced Spectrum MAX 3w-Chip Modular Grow Light U.F.O. Kit

Color: 224w Multi Band
Sale price$499.99


Color:224w Multi Band

The Advanced Spectrum MAX Modular 225w 3w-Chip 6 Band LED Grow Light Kit is the end all be all UFO grow light! The modular feature of the UFO grow light means that if one diode goes out, your entire panel will not be affect the rest of the light. Its slopped edges and holes help prevent against excessive dust and its internal fans and steel frame help draw heat away from the light in order to keep the little heat the LED emits to a minimum. Full light penetration starts at 12" with this full spectrum LED and penetrates up to 5 feet above the plant. This light also has a 150 degree lens for wider and more even light coverage than the other LED UFO grow lights on the market. With 75x multiple colored diodes backed by 3w chips, this UFO grow light is the ultimate grow light for any plant out there! Easy to customize and repair LED's; More Efficient: 100% of the power input for our LED grow lights is used for your plant chlorophyll production.Better for Environment: It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. No maintenance costs and 50,000+ hour lifetime. Brand New in Retail Package and Ready to Ship; Weight: 10 lbs; UFO Dimensions: 10 x 5.5" x 3.5"; Red LED wavelength: 660nm; Orange LED wavelength: 630nm; Blue LED wavelength: 465nm; Light Blue LED wavelength: 430nm; White LED wavelength: 6000k; 150 Degree Angle Lens for optimum light penetration and intensity; Lifetime Over 50,000 Hours ; Minimal Heat = Less watering, no thermal footprint and keeps your plants from burning; Built-in Cooling Fans; Great for the flowering/blooming of plant growth; Perfect for Indoor Growing in any medium: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or Soil; Hanging Hardware for Easy Set up in Minutes!; Covers a 5'x5' area during the flowering and 6.5'x6.5' area during vegging (Coverage area calculated with light 24 inches from plant.

  • Our Advanced Spectrum LED’s come with an industry leading 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects, and are all backed with a 120 day satisfaction guarantee! Try it out for 4 whole months, and if you’re not satisfied with your light just send it in
  • The blue spectrum (430-460nm) promotes the growth of leaves during the vegging stage; the red spectrum (630-730 nm) promotes flower growth along with budding during your flowering stage; the white spectrum (6000-12000) helps as a general light
  • The lens on our Advanced Spectrum LED’s are designed for optimum light penetration! Unlike 120 degree lenses that have weak light intensity and 60 degree lenses that offer hardly any coverage, the 90 degree lens we offers a happy medium
  • Our Advanced Spectrum LED’s have a 50,000 hour lifespan, which is more than twice the lifespan of HID bulbs.
  • Its heat dissipating design allows for a more reflective grow light surface. Unlike other LED grow lights with plain white bodies and no reflective surfaces, these LEDs’ have an added boost of light coverage and canopy penetration

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